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Ice Climbing "Introduction" week

~ Sunday 26th January 2020

I have to point out that this wasn't an average Intro week! Andy and Chris had a lot of experience (Alpine Intro, rock climbing, Scottish winter, ski touring, Alpine 4000m peaks...) so we/I went for the accelerated-learning syllabus! Still we did do some easy stuff...

The excellent ice boulder at the Hotel de la Tsa turned out to be perfect for training, so we quickly moved on to this...

And we found time for some proper technical instruction. Making belays, placing screws, rope management, Abalokov threads, etc. There's a lot to learn!

Then had a learning-to-lead "race".

Multi pitch ice at the Arolla tunnels

The Arolla mountain classic, Cascade des Ignes. A great day out with good climbing and a snowshoe approach, all in a spectacular setting at 2500m.

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