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Skier and Splitboarder Late Season Touring

~ Sunday 5th May 2019

Just 2 of us last week - 1 skier and 1 splitboarder. 2 quite different ways of travelling around the mountains, but both work! Add some amazing snow and perfect weather...

Battling up to the Vignettes hut on Sunday afternoon we at least had the snow, but zero visibility. Andy achieved London-Vignettes in about 20 hours and I'd just recovered from a calf strain injury so we weren't in top form for the Monday morning. After a nervous wait for the stormclouds to clear, we found ourselves alone on the Pigne in knee-deep snow. A tiring slog, but worth it.

pigne d'arolla ski touring

Refreshed by a night in the valley we tackled the long climb to Bertol in the spring heat. Next day everyone turned right for Zermatt leaving us alone to plough up and over the shoulder to reach the Dent de Tsalion. Good mountaineering ground - axes, crampons and a rope came out of the bag. Cabane de Bertol

Plan A was the Tsalion Couloir, a classic Arolla descent but clearly wrecked by the heat and full of avalanche debris. Happily the other side of ridge had stayed cold in the shade...the rarely-skied NE face.

 Dent de Tsalion

1 more day before the weather broke...time to coax tired legs back up to Vignettes for the Couloir des Vignettes, or "Toilet Couloir".

Chamonix Zermatt Success

~ Saturday 6th April 2019

At last! It took 3 goes but in the end the Haute Route is complete. Frustrated by weather on previous attempts, we did a warm-up in the Vallée Blanche, then just had enough of a window to complete the missing 2 days. Then it snowed, and it we had a bottomless, stormy powder day - loads of snow but no visibility - and a fantastic sunny powder day to finish the week.

Slightly Steeper Ski Week

~ Saturday 30th March 2019

Some pictures from the Eagle Ski Club "Slightly Steeper" week. This is an advanced week aimed at skiers who can ski solidly on 40 degrees after climbing 1000m (or more !), which means we can get to some of the less-travelled skiing in the Val d'Hérens. It's rarely that busy here anyway, but this week we hardy crossed a track! Thanks to Chalet les Criquets for looking after everyone.

Off-Piste in Grimentz and Zinal

~ Saturday 16th March 2019

The second week I've done this year for the Eagle Ski Club using the tried-and-trusted format of mixed guiding and instruction, the idea being to help committed ski tourers improve their skiing whilst introducing others to off-piste and ski-touring for the first time. 2 Mountain Guides, 2 expert ski instructors and 24 experienced skiers - it's a busy week with groups doing alternate days of ski lessons and off-piste or ski touring. This year had some challenging weather and equally challenging snow, providing lots of "learning" opportunities!

We were based at the excellent Hotel de Moiry. Good food and a warm welcome as usual.

Winter Room Haute Route

~ Saturday 2nd March 2019

The Eagle Ski Club Winter Room Haute Route usually involves plenty of shivering and trail-breaking. (Here's last years blog) This year was different - with very warm weather it felt more like April than February. The missing Grands Montets lift adds some uphill to day 1, so we stayed at the Dorées bivvy instead of Trient. This left us with some catching up to do so we skipped the Prafleuri and made the long stage to the Dix in 1 day. The Pigne d'Arolla was icy and windblown, but the Col de l'Éveque put things into perspective with huge sastrugi and lots of bare glacier ice! Sadly the weather didn't hold for the final day so we ended up in Arolla after a great week of touring in surprisingly quiet mountains. The "world's most famous ski tour" is still deserted out of season.

Early Ski Season Pictures

~ Sunday 10th February 2019

Here are a few pictures from the "early" season. 2019 has been brilliant so far - lots of keen skiers, nice weather and some great snow. It's a good sign when all the photos are of powder, but it's genuinely been like that - endless powder skiing. Thanks to everyone who's been involved this winter. It's been fun skiing with you all. There's more snow forecast today and tomorrow...

Réchy valley, Grimentz

Grimentz Skiing

Grimentz off-piste, Orzival

Nax off piste

Mont Rouge, Arolla

Vuibé glacier, Vignettes

Grimentz Off-piste Week

~ Sunday 13th January 2019

Grimentz last week - as usual, it was excellent. Based at the lovely Chalet Roux, the plan was to explore the off-piste and touring in the area. The holiday crowds went home on the Sunday leaving the place strangely quiet. There was a much-needed 20cm of fresh snow too, followed by blue skies and perfect touring weather (if a bit chilly!). Grimentz and the Val d'Anniviers are very much "on the map" for most skiers nowadays, and continued investment in the lift system will surely increase the number of skiers visiting, but it's still deserted in comparison to the big ski resorts. On Thursday and Friday we saw more chamois than skiers - that's 10 chamois and zero skiers!

Happy New Year!

~ Tuesday 1st January 2019

Happy New Year everyone! And please, please, please can we have more snow? The ski season got off to a great start with fantastic conditions in December once the usual early-winter avalanche risk settled down a bit.

Things have stayed good up high over the holidays and it's been a great start for many ski resorts with lots of skiers enjoying the perfect weather. It's been warm and clear for 2 weeks now.

Touring conditions are amazingly good for this time of year, but you'll need to look hard for good lift-access off-piste unless you like skiing bumps! It's still out there though...

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