Frostguiding History!

~ Friday 23rd January 2009

I managed to borrow a slide scanner and scan some old slides...poor quality pictures but good memories!

First time on Mont Blanc in 1988 - Ron Hills and Koflach boots!

On top at dawn

Starting up Central Icefall in the Llanberis Pass, 1996 (yes, the picture is back to front due to shoddy scanning skills. Oops)

Starting central Icefall, Craig y Rhaedr, LlanberisReaching the Col de Valpelline in February 1993 - 205cm Tele skis and leather boots.

At Col de Valpelline

Preparing for my first ever flight - from Grands Montets top station with the Dru behind.

First take off



                                                 On Midshipsmans Wall in Cornwall, 1994

Midshipmans Wall, Cornwall

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