Rock Climbing in Scotland

~ Wednesday 31st May 2023

The Blog has been sadly neglected recently (you can find lots of news on Frostguiding Instagram and Facebook pages) but here are a few pictures from a Scottish Rock Climbing trip in May. 7 days of fantastic, varied climbing as we travelled round the North Scottish coast. This route has become very well known recently thanks to the marketing of the North Coast 500 , but in May the roads weren't too busy and the hills and climbing were deserted.

We started in the West on the solid Torridonian sandstone of Stac Pollaidh.

The next day was a bit rainy but we drove north up the coast and climbed on the immaculate rock of Sheigra. The cliffs here are pounded by Atlantic waves so any rock that is still standing is incredibly solid. Some of the routes need abseil descents - always an exciting way to start!

Continuing clockwise around the coast passing beautiful white beaches near Durness on the way East to Thurso and down the Caithness coast.

We climbed more seacliffs at Sarclet and Mid Clyth then ended up back in the Cairngorms.

This is Ardverikie Wall - 5 pitches of beautiful rock and hard to beat at the Severe grade. This climb can get busy (understandably) but on a slightly damp midweek day we had it to ourselves.

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