Eagles Ski Club High Summits Week

~ Sunday 18th April 2021

This week started out as the Winter Room trip but was delayed due to Covid. So, no winter rooms, and only 2 visiting Eagles, but some great skiing!

Battling some weather we made it to the Dix hut to be rewarded by a clear but very cold day on Mont Blanc de Cheilon. -20 in the morning apparently, and the route stays tucked in the shade for most of the way. The ski off made up for it though.

Next day we went up la Luette. Only a 600m climb above the hut, but untracked skiing right from the summit to the tongue of the Cheilon glacier.

Final summit of the week was the Pointe de Vouasson. Only 2 other guests in the hut made for a quiet evening! A good peak to finish the week, with great views back to the earlier summits. Lots of good skiing where we seemed to go through several seasons - freezing on the summit, sunny powder, some cloudy "skiing by feel", and finally spring snow turning eventually to grass before a 5 minute walk to the road. A good end to a good week, hopefully to be repeated next year with a bigger team!

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