Autumn in the Swiss Alps

~ Thursday 17th December 2020

The blog has been a bit neglected recently, so here's a quick catch-up of the Autumn in Switzerland.

Way back at the end of the summer season we climbed the Dent Blanche, which is still one of my favourite mountains!

After a busy summer of Alpine climbing it's nice to try different ways to enjoy the mountains! There's a lot of good mountain biking in the Valais.

Different sort of bike...4 days on small roads and dirt tracks linking the St Bernard pass to Finale Liguria. This is the Via del Sale, part of the huge network of military roads along the French/Italian border.

Autumn often brings cooler, stable weather. Perfect for walking.

Meanwhile even in November it's warm enough in the sun to climb.

Helping out at La Nouva mountain restaurant - the pre-season work that goes into getting ready for the ski season. Before the snow arrives you up with supplies, which is much cheaper than using helicopters.

Finally, it started snowing and autumn turns into winter. Time to find skis for the first turns of the season.

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