Fitness Training!

~ Monday 7th October 2019

Whatever you want to achieve in the mountains - summer or winter, climbing or skiing...or running, walking, biking - you'll need a good level of fitness. Being fitter means you can achieve more, avoid injuries and -crucially - have more fun doing it.

Euan Whittaker is a British Mountain Guide and Personal Trainer. Based in Edinburgh he can design specific programmes to help you keep fit, and hopefully get fitter! As a Guide, Euan knows exactly what to work on for mountain goals, whether it's climbing the Matterhorn, skiing the Haute Route or climbing vertical ice. He can also work remotely with you, providing plans, videos and regular contact with you wherever you live. A typical remote plan includes an initial consulatation then:

1. A new program every four weeks. This is based on the client completing the workout 2-3 times each week and therefore preventing plateauing by doing a program too many times.
2. Videos to support the program.
3. Regular communication throughout the four weeks to adjust the reps, sets and weights to prevent plateauing.
4. Questions answered from the client within 24 hours.

You can find Euan here

Or look him up on Facebook for daily training news.

If you've got a ski trip planned this winter there's still plenty of time to train for it. If you're just back from an Alpine summer trip you can start training for next year now to while the memories are fresh!



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