Climate Change in the Alps

~ Monday 30th September 2019

People often ask if I've seen changes in the glaciers in the Alps over the years - the answer is a definite "Yes!" - but here are a few pictures that make it very clear. The old photos are from 1985: Suzuki released the GSXR750, Madonna got Into The Groove and my Dad was younger than I am now. We spent a family holiday in Arolla and saw glaciers for the first time. My children are only a little younger now than I was then so this is very much the change in 1 generation. I wonder what I'd think if I came here as a 14 year old today?

Compare these 2 of Mont Collon and the Bas Glacier d'Arolla. You can see the track leading up to the little bridge in both. You walk up here on the way to Bertol or Col Collon.

And here's a photo taken today from just above the bridge.

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