Frost Guiding Guarantee. A little bit of certainty in an uncertain world!

~ Sunday 5th February 2017

Frost Guiding Guarantee:

  • Price Guarantee: There will be no last minute surcharges (whatever the exchange rate)!
  • Booking Guarantee: If we accept your booking, we will run your course (even when courses are not full)
  • Environmental Guarantee: 1% of Everything You Spend with Frost Guiding will be donated to Environmental Causes as a Member of 1% For The Planet

The first 2 points are possible because Frostguiding is "run by accountants". Or "an accountant" and a mountain guide to be precise. The accountant also grows the salad you eat at the chalet, answers e-mails, does the chalet shopping and changes the beds, but still finds time to do very careful forecasts, planning and pricing for the season ahead (plus some time to run, ski and climb) This means the advertised prices are guaranteed - there won't be last-minute surcharges - and your course will run even if we can't fill it.

Point 3 is more to do with the guiding side of things. Most guides (and our customers!) love quiet, un-spoilt mountains - yet we also try to make a living from those mountains. This means we drive and fly miles to ski and climb, we encourage our clients to take regular short-haul flights, we expect fresh food in huts and efficient rescue - which means regular helicopter flying, we use ski lifts and ski artificial snow...the list of environmental compromises and "catch 22s" is huge. Obviously this is a vast and complex issue but hopefully by giving back something, and by looking at the way we operate our business, we become part of the solution rather than just part of the problem.

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