Off-Piste Skiing in Grimentz

~ Saturday 16th January 2016

Excellent skiing last week in Grimentz with the Eagle Ski Club, with huge amounts of snow arriving just in time. The heavy snowfall also meant poor visibility, high avalanche risk (3 days of Cat 4) and most of the higher lifts closed, but Grimentz has plenty of trees and some great low-angle skiing for tricky conditions.

Ski guide in Grimentz Zinal

British Mountain Guide Off Piste

The dry start to the winter means we still have an "early season" snowpack, with lots of weak sugar snow at ground level on shady aspects, whilst the sunny-side is sitting on grass (or rocks) Strong westerly winds all week have scoured windward slopes and created thick windslab. The skiing is great but steep slopes will take a while to stabilise. Off Piste Ski Guide Zinal Grimentz

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