Alpine Progression / last week of the season

~ Saturday 19th September 2015

As summer turns into autumn we rounded off the summer season yesterday with the "Ostgrat" on the Wiwannihorn. It's been a varied week for the Progression course with plenty of weather, starting at the Moiry hut with another traverse of the Pointe de Mourti-Dent des Rosses.

Dent des Rosses

Summit of the Dent des Rosses

We traversed the Couronne de Bréona on Tuesday, going South to North for a change, and with an eagle for company!

Crux crack of the Couronne de Bréona

Thursday gave us just enough time to do the Evolene via ferrata in the dry before walking up to the Wiwanni hut in the (damp) afternoon.

Evolene via ferrata

The forecast was good for Friday and it looked promising at first, but never really cleared. We raced up the Ostgrat, and finished the abseils as the first snowflakes of the best ski season in 50 years began to fall...

Wiwannihorn Ostgrat

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