Climbing the Monte Rosa

~ Friday 11th September 2015

Success climbing the Monte Rosa yesterday! It was fifth time lucky for me after 4 previous attempts were frustrated by weather or illness or snow...but well worth waiting for, with guides and clients equally excited to reach the top.

Climb Monte Rosa British Mountain Guide

It's a long way to climb from the Monte Rosa hut, and as the guardian insisted on a 2am breakfast the early hours of the morning are spent in a confusing jumble of rocks behind the hut. Soon, the glacier provides more excitement as you navigate a complex field of crevasses on the lower glacier, all still in the dark.

Matterhorn from Monte Rosa British mountain guide

Sunrise brought some spectacular views, but not much relief from the biting cold - a rare thing this summer!

British Mountain Guide climbing Monte Rosa

The summit ridge starts with an airy snow ridge, followed by exciting rocky climbing in spectacular positions. This is the highest rock in Switzerland!

Climbing west ridge of Monte Rosa with British Mountain Guides

As everything else starts to look small, the summit arrives - a fine perch and at last some shelter from the cold on a sunny ledge in Italy!

Mountain Guides on Monte Rosa summit

Summit of the Monte Rosa!

At the Silbersattel, just below the fixed ropes on the descent.

...and back down the lower glacier with fine views of Liskamm

Return through the crevasses on the lower glacier

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