Climbing the Matterhorn and more...

~ Tuesday 4th August 2015

Busy times with the alpine season in full swing. As the seemingly endless spell of perfect weather in the Swiss Alps continues (touch wood, fingers crossed...) and memories of last year's awful weather begin to fade, the list of routes climbed by our British Mountain Guides is growing fast...

Matterhorn, Eiger, Dent Blanche, Obergabelhorn, Salbit South Ridge, Weisshorn, Mont Blanc de Cheilon, l'Éveque, Finsteraarhorn, name a few from the last fortnight.

Pictures here from a few of them...

Mont Blanc de Cheilon traverse British mountain guide

Guided climbing in the alps

Matterhorn Hornli Ridge Mountain Guide

Climb the Matterhorn with Alpine Guide

Fixed ropes, Matterhorn. Guided climbing alps

Dawn on the Eiger Mittelegi (pic Andy Perkins)

Climbing the Eiger British Mountain Guide

Salbit South Ridge British mountain guide

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