Progression week

~ Friday 17th July 2015

As the heatwave continues it's been tricky finding good conditions, but rocky ridges have been a safe bet. After a technical glacier day on the Moiry glacier...

6:1 crevasse rescue haul

...we had a rare (recently!) cloudy day on the Pointes de Mourtis-Dent des Rosse traverse.

With some "a cheval" ridge riding!

Followed by some excellent climbing up to the main summit of the Dent des Rosses.

A semi rest day of training and multi-pitch climbing in Arolla...

Next we went up to the Vignettes hut on a hot and sweaty day, ready for the traverse of the Éveque. The approach to the S ridge of the Éveque is still fine, but it won't survive too much more hot weather!

Conditions on the ridge were perfect, smiles all round!

Descent from the Éveque down the normal route is airy and a little loose, but leads quickly to fast glacier.

After a second night in the hut, and hoping to do the excellent Pigne d'Arolla-Mont Blanc de Cheilon traverse, we left the hut early. Sunrise was stunning, but with huge thunder clouds on the horizon we opted for the scenic, but shorter, Pigne traverse.

Clouds building, and cows lying down. Time for cake and tea!

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