Buff Headgear

~ Tuesday 2nd June 2015

I've been trying out some different Buffs recently. Summer and winter, you need protection from wind, cold and sun, and Buffs seem to do it all with simple, lightweight and cheap headgear. There's a bewildering range of styles and patterns to choose from but you'd struggle to beat the Original Buff. It's a scarf/hat/headband/face cover depending on conditions, and we're giving one free with Alpine bookings.

I've been using a Bandana Buff too. Basically the same shape as an Original Buff but with a little extra material - a tiny change that seems to make a big difference. The extra triangle covers the back of the neck as sun protection, or drops further down the throat at the front for wind protection when worn as a neck-scarf, and it also works well as a Bandana!

For hot summer or ski touring days when you need sun protection without overheating, the Headband is ideal. Comfy, very lightweight, and not too warm, it keeps the ears and forehead safely covered and protected from the sun, without boiling your head like a warm hat would! Comfy under a helmet too, or as a sweatband. A Buff takes up about the same space as a hanky, but looks much more stylish!

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