Arolla and Evolene Off Piste Skiing

~ Thursday 19th February 2015

4 days around Arolla and Evolene over the weekend, with good skiers, better-than-forecast weather, good snow and very few people. It's supposed to be peak holiday week, but the pistes were quiet and the off piste deserted. Superb.

With the Euro in crisis it's perhaps not surprising if Eurozone tourists avoid Switzerland, but after the initial shock at the end of CHF-Euro pegging British Sterling has recovered fast and the exchange rate is now back to last summer's level (in Feb 2014 1£=1.48CHF. It's now 1£=1.46CHF) Switzerland still isn't cheap, but when the skiing is this good it's worth it!

Straight off the Arolla Ski Lift, 5 days since it snowed!

Off Piste skiing in Arolla

Off the lift, turn left, ski this...

Eat this!


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