Point de Vouasson

~ Friday 23rd January 2015

Best ski day of the year! (so far...)

At last there seems to be something resembling a base and some reasonable snow cover. Plenty of wind and still lots of instability, but at least the skiing is improving.

Today, with a strong team (more about that later!) and a brief for a "proper" day, we set off for the Point de Vouasson from la Gouille. Worried at first that we might find yet more thinly covered rocks and windblown snow, it was a relief on the ascent to find some promising conditions.

Early on, blue skies and good-looking snow

1300m later and still smiling!

It's a long way up the Point de Vouasson, but it was worth it. Great views, perfect weather and no-one else on the mountain other than 2 early birds with skinny skis, tight trousers and a taste for steep skinning tracks (We made our own fat ski/baggy troosers track)

The summit with fantastic views

Good snow!

Good skier!

Good day!

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