Spaghetti First Course

~ Thursday 4th September 2014

I'm relieved to find that even the Italians call this route the "Spaghetti Tour". Setting off from Zermatt with our Matterhorn plans abandoned/postponed, we turned left for a very breezy Breithorn. Hard-to-stand-up breezy.

A bit breezy crossing the Breithorn plateau

Still quite blowy on the summit

After a nice night at Ayas, the "good" forecast turned out to mean "clear-but-blowing-a-gale", and chilly with it.

Grand Paradise at dawn

Cold and windy on Pollux

Then a quick snack and off up Castor...

4 climbers battling wind and spindrift on the Castor summit ridge

Fine views in all directions. Tomorrow's aim was looking particularly fine.

Second course coming soon...

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