Point de Mourti-Dent de Rosses

~ Wednesday 23rd July 2014

The traverse from the Point de Mourti to Dent de Rosses is an excellent and technical AD climb. Starting with a character-building slog through breaking crust (the second time breaking trail to the Point de Mourti this year) the ridge was climbed quickly, with a huge team of French climbers on our tail. (It wasn't a race but we won) Over-heating on the summit, ropework caused much confusion.

A quick abseil lands you on the linking ridge. There's an obvious gendarme which you can walk round on the the right or climb over, which is exposed, harder and needs an abseil off the other end, so we went over...

So that's what the little flaps are for!

Good rock and nice climbing up to the Dent de Rosses.

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