~ Sunday 18th May 2014

That great time of year as the weather tries to decide if it's summer or still winter. We've had hot sun and snow in the garden on alternate days.

Good memories of the Patrouille des Glaciers in this picture of the team looking surprisingly happy after 4000m uphill and a sleepless night.

Good to go climbing and use arms again - it's been a while, and toes and fingers that have spent the last 6 months in comfy boots and warm gloves have taken a bit of a battering.

This is Tichodrome wall, above Dorénaz.

Great climbing on good rock for 5 pitches, with just the birdsong, screeching buzzards and the incessant drone of the A9 traffic...

Here on a newly cleaned and bolted crag above the customs post in Chatelard. Great climbing, lovely setting.

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