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~ Friday 4th April 2014

There's a great little news/blog here for Arolla updates. Sometimes it feels very nuch like the end of the road in Arolla, but it's pretty lively at the moment with ski touring season in full swing and the imminent Patrouille des Glaciers race.

This morning at the Bertol hut it was a bit different to the last time I was there on the Winter room Haute Route.

Above, freezing and windy as we leave the hut back in February.

Below, busy, and comfortable in T-shirts at the col today.

The guardienne is looking for helpers for the Monday morning re-stock - give her a ring if you can be there at 9.30am to unload helicopters!

Futher down the valley the invasion - ooops, I mean the PDG preparation - has begun.

Just 1 brand new digger and a generator for now, but Satarma is about to become a military base again.

Swiss Military tactics summarised in 1 neat sign?

Further down the road again - is this a "zone dangéreuse"? - this rock landed in the night. It's Friday so the council have put a fence around it until...

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