Another Perfect Day in Arolla

~ Saturday 29th March 2014

The best day of the week in fact...having forgotten the camera, blue skies and powder were guaranteed! We had a chiily ride up the Arolla drag lifts - no queues or waiting here! - and a slightly lumpy ski down in to the Pra Gra valley before skinning up (and warming up) the 20 minute climb to Pt 2959. Then it was back to normal, big turns in cold, untracked powder down the north side into the Vallon des Ignes. All too soon the skins were on again for the long, hot and sweaty climb to the Pointe de Vouasson. Did I mention the heat? Hot, damned hot. Like skinning in a jungle. Happily someone with a good sense of direction had made a nice track (Is it my imagination or are all tracks slightly steeper in PDG years? And whoever made the track to the Pigne must have been blindfolded or drunk. Or both) Anyway, it was hot...but we got there in the end to find only a handful of tracks in the glacier descent to Evolene, so it was fresh tracks all the way down. Skiing direct down the stream bed can sometimes be a battle - it's called "la Merdesson" after all - but the snow stayed skiable all the way down through Arbey with only a couple of patches of grass, and soon afterwards we made the final turn onto the road 3 metres from the café in Lanna. Perfect end to a great week with the Eagle Ski Club.

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