First Turns of the Winter

~ Tuesday 8th October 2013

 Autumn. Time for diggng the potatoes and thinking about skiing...

Happily the Frostguiding parents dug spuds while we went skiing!


It's a long way up the Pigne d'Arolla but it says "race" on my new skis and bindings, so no excuses. Starting in trainers from the car seemed a bit odd, but I was sure that the glacier would be snowy having snowshoed up it a couple of weeks back. In fact there's way less snow now, and we didn't get skis on until around 2800m. From there it was skis all the way except for a short bit through the rocks, snow softening nicely all the time and promising a good ski...

Uphill skiing

Skinning through the rocks , Vignettes in the background

Perfect spring/autumn snow!


More perfect spring through the rocks back down to the Col des Vignettes. 

Baffled-looking bloke in ski kit. Where's the snow gone? 

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