Pigne d'Arolla

~ Monday 22nd July 2013

 Perfect conditions this weekend for the Pigne d'Arolla traverse - clear and still with well frozen snow. Not busy either, which was a surprise for a weekend - there were only 30 people in the Vignettes hut. We went from Vignettes to the summit, then descended the Dix side seeing no-one until we started the climb back up to the Col de Riedmatten. 

Descending the Mur de la Serpentine in good snow. 


Back on dry glacier below the Mont Blanc de Cheilon. 

Is this enough signs? There's space for a few more I think...

Equipped last year with a shiny new chain, the Dix side of the col is now a washed-out runnel. The chain forces you to ignore the old zig-zags and go up or down in a straight line next to the rock. 

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