Oberland Again

~ Wednesday 17th July 2013

 Back to the Oberland again this week with a perfect forecast. We weren't disappointed - conditions are still good and the weather was exceptional, good overnight freeze and still, warm days. It's not too busy either - on Monday after an early start from the Monchsjoch hut we outflanked 2 other teams in the dark and were soon alone on the Jungfrau. There's still enough snow to follow the ski route (which used to be the normal way before the glacier retreated) avoiding the little rock step and climbing straight onto the snow ridge. 

Early morning on the Jungfrau


View down the Jungfrau normal route from the summit. Don't slip now. 

The "Top of Europe" (except for all the higher bits) Europe's highest curry house, shopping centre and train station. High point of every Japanese/Indian/etc coach tour of Europe unless you count the (much higher) Aiguille du Midi and Klein Matterhorn. 


Yesterday we climbed the normal route on the Monch in quite different conditions to 2 weeks ago. With a big hut at the foot of the ridge this is one of the most accessible 4000m peaks in the Alps, as well as one of the most elegant summit ridges, yet amazingly there were only 2 other teams on it.

Rock on the Monch south ridge

Belgians on the summit ridge. Get in touch if this is you and you'd like a copy!

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