~ Thursday 4th July 2013

 A few pictures here from a brilliant trip to the Oberland. Walking in from Fiesch (a long way!) there were no tracks and we were the only people at Konkordia hut. Good for us, not so good for the hut guardian.

Vastness of the Aletsch glacier

Konkordia Cats


Next day we set off on perfect hard frozen snow for the Grunegghorn. None of the usual rubble on the glacier, just perfect cramponning snow all the way. No tracks, no-one around, and an exciting corniced summit ridge. We finished off the day (and our legs) with a hot slog over the Grunegglucke to Finsteraarhorn hut. 

Grunegghorn summit

The Finsteraarhorn ascent usually starts up a path behind the hut - not at the moment! Crampons straight from the hut, and up more perfect frozen snow to the Hugisattel at 4000m. 1000m of careful cramponning after breakfast! The summit ridge is (not surprisingly) very snowy, good to climb but quite serious compared to usual conditions. With no-one else on the mountain and some clouds adding atmosphere we had a great day. 

Finsteraarhorn summit

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