Arolla Ski Touring

~ Wednesday 10th April 2013

 It's spring but for the first 3 days of the week you wouldn't have known from the weather. We skied at Evolene on Sunday - last day of the season and still skiing right to the car park. Monday was a cloudy bleak day at Thyon, but at least it was snowing. Tuesday we managed a quick and untracked descent from Arolla to Satarma before the clouds rolled in, then an entertaining afternoon of great snow and poor light - challenging conditions but fun in the clear spells.

Every good descent has a river crossing

"Every good descent has a river crossing"

Today the sun came out! Phew. Breaking trail up to the Cassorte was hard going against the clock as the temperature rose, but we were rewarded by a great ski down the vallon des Ignes. 1400m untracked in April. 

Roping down a rocky Cassorte

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