~ Saturday 23rd March 2013

A quick report on a winter's wear of Arcteryx clothing - Fury trousers, Gamma MX jacket and Gamma MX Hoody, Atom Light Hoody for chilly days being the most used things. Arcteryx have supported the BMG for a while now but there's no bias here - this is the toughest and best made clothing I've used.

The Fury trousers have skied about 70 days now, on and off piste, lift access and touring, and there's hardly a mark on them. Good pockets, neat fit, and ankle reinforcing patches that actually work - no ski cuts at all in the fabric. Warm enough with thermals for cold days, good side vents for warm days, and they shed snow well enough to not need overtrousers.

The Gamma jackets came neatly embroidered with BMG and IFMGA badges so they're not for the shy guide, but they are proving to be indestructable. Good hood fit, easy access chest pockets and long sleeves with neat fitting cuffs and no silly velcro fasteners. Weatherproof enough to rarely need a shell jacket in winter too. 

The Atom LT is the most versatile light duvet I've tried and has had a lot of use summer and winter. It's not the warmest (get a full weight Atom) but that means it gets worn lots when a heavier jacket might be too hot, and works as a mid layer on cold days. Packs small too. 

Overall I really can't think of a bad thing to say about any of this kit. Ok, it's not cheap but it fits, works and lasts better than other makes, and I'll be buying more. I fit a large in everything, but bought the Atom LT in XL which fits well as an overjacket. 



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