Pointe de Vouasson Ski Tour

~ Thursday 28th February 2013

 The Pointe de Vouasson is the big glacier face which dominates the view from the Evolene ski area. It's best approached from further up the valley, starting at la Gouille, from where it's a mere 1700m uphill to the top. Luckily there was a good track today - the sunny side is popular and has been well skied.

Whilst  a few people have skied the Evolene side down the glacier, there's still plenty of fresh snow up there. We skied down skier's left, where there's a great gully line (obvious from the lift area) which meant excellent skiing in fresh snow all the way.

Then some battling down the stream bed - the best days always involve a stream crossing and some "tight" tree skiing! - and out to Arbey before skinning home up the cross country track. 

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