Grimentz and Zinal

~ Wednesday 30th January 2013

 Once the undiscovered secret of the Swiss Valais, Grimentz and Zinal are now firmly on the ski map. Make no mistake, the secret is out...After spending the last 3 days there dealing with the inevitable huge queues, lack of parking and old, slow lifts I'm wondering why it's so popular. To make matters worse the weather was awful and the snow terrible. They still don't piste properly either, leaving lots of deep soft snow everywhere which is really hard to ski. Grimentz? Don't bother. Go to Verbier instead. Here are some pictures to give an idea of how bad it was (*)

Happy skier in Zinal

Happy skier in Zinal?

5 minute skin from the lifts...

A 5 minute skin leads...

...leads to this! this!

and this...

and this!

and this!

And this!

And this!

Straight off the lifts!

But this is straight from the lifts. 

(*) not to be taken too seriously. 

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