My Summer...

~ Tuesday 2nd October 2012

 With the season nearly over, here's a look back at the summer...

- Gran Paradiso. 

2x Chabod normal route 

1x Vittorio Emmanuelle route

- Mont Blanc.

1x as far as the Vallot hut. 

1x Gouter route, return from Tete Rousse and down to the train. 

1x Gonella Route and down 3 Monts

- Tete Blanche + Petite Fourche from Trient

- Aiguille du Tour from Trient

- Pigne d'Arolla traverse

2x from Vignettes

1x from Dix

- Mont Blanc de Cheilon

1x normal route from Dix

2x traverse, 1 from Dix, 1 via Pigne from Vignettes. 

- 2x Castor normal route

- 2x Pollux normal route

- Alphubel

1x via normal route

1x via South Ridge

- 2x Crochues Traverse (Chamonix)

- 2x Pointes Lachenal traverse

- Aiguille d'Argentiere, Milieu glacier

- 2x Matterhorn Hornli route

- Monch normal route

- Jungfrau normal route

- Dent Blanche South Ridge

- Breithorn

1x normal route from Ayas

1x traverse

- 2x Pointes de Mourti

- 3x Couronne de Bréona traverse

- La Luette

- Blanc de Moming traverse

- Zinal Rothorn North ridge


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