~ Saturday 10th September 2011

After a very dark,windy and cloudy night stumbling around the glacier we emerged - in improving weather - onto the very fine ENE Ridge of the Lenzspitz.

This has a reputation for being tricky if snowy, and it was! More reminiscent of the Northern corries than the Mischabel range.

Some trailbreaking later we reached the fine summit of the Lenzspitz. The Mischabel range is well known for it's AD ridges, and the summit of the Lenspitz is definitely only halfway there. "AD" here means "All Day"! The traverse to the Nadelhorn is on fine red rock - unfortunately heavily rimed and very time consuming. The sun had dried the south sides of the "several" gendarmes, but left the northern sides covered in 15cm of rime. 

A big thankyou to the Mischabel hut team for their excellent food and warm welcome (and very clean toilets)

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