Mont Blanc de Cheilon

~ Wednesday 7th September 2011

Another traverse of Mont Blanc de Cheilon yesterday - we started up the normal route which went quite well, so we continued over the traverse, which went quite we carried on over the Pigne to the Vignettes hut. (Best wishes to the Dutch pair following us who were rescued from the traverse - I hope you are both OK) The traverse is in good condition with a bit of snow, but we didn't need crampons. Compare the pics from earlier this season here and here

Team following us on the MBC normal route

Descending from the MBC summit

Passing the "horns"

Today's plan was the Eveque traverse. We set off from the Vignettes hut (which closes this Thursday) with a stunning sunrise and a very red sky. The Col de Chermontane is completely dry now, but the climb to the start of the route involves passing some huge crevasses. With strong winds, fast-building clouds and an iffy forecast we decided to call it a day, down-climbing the Bouquetins approach and walking out down the Arolla glacier - a scenic but long walk! (Reaching the SW ridge from the Bouquetins bivvy is still possible but now needs 10m of steepish rock climbing - we walked up here on snow in June)

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