~ Saturday 20th August 2011

Off to the Bordier hut at the other end of the Mischabel range to climb the Nadelhorn via the "Nadelgrat". This was plan A, but as usual plan B turned out to be better. The glacier was poorly frozen and very crevassed and at 5am we were all going knee-deep, sometimes waist and armpit deep and occasionally deeper! With a distinctly uninspiring first view of the Dirruhorn couloir plus concerns about re-crossing the glacier late in the day we diverted to the Nadelhorn normal route. Other teams reported lots of stonefall and poor conditions in the couloir. We returned over the Ulrichshorn which gives great views of the Nadelhorn and Lenzspitz, as well as having a bench on top!

The Bordier hut deserves a special mention for selling the most expensive bottled water in the Valais - an eye-watering CHF17.- per bottle. Ouch.

I was working with aspirant guide James Thacker - here he is reaching the top of the Ullrichshorn.

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