Matterhorn Hornli Ridge

~ Friday 12th August 2011

Back to the Matterhorn yesterday. Conditions haven't changed much since last week - still good although it's snowy and we put crampons on at the site of the old hut. We had a good ascent after a prompt start from the hut and with time to spare we traversed over to the Italian top. It was much busier on the descent than last week though - we had to negotiate teams of wobbly soloing Japanese and a large group of slow moving Spaniards plus the usual confusion at the Solvay hut on the way down!

Above the Solvay

Fixed ropes above the shoulder

The summit slopes

On top!

Swiss summit from the Italian summit

Amazingly for August the North face has been in good condition. Successful ascents on Wednesday and we saw 4 teams on the route on Thursday.

Spot the teams on the north face

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