ABS Rucksack

~ Saturday 26th December 2009

 I've just, after lots of deliberation, bought a new 30l Vario ABS Rucksack. Thanks to La-Haut in Sion.

The 30l seems like the most useful volume, but the Vario system means I can get a lightweight 18l zip-on or a monster 50l for touring if needed. 

First impressions are that it's very well made, easy to use, carries very comfortably, and should be a really good ski sack. It's not lightweight, which apart from the price is the big problem. At 3kg for the 30l, you're carrying almost 2kg more than a standard rucksack. This OK for day tours and fine if you're not in a hurry, but it's a lot to carry on a big climb.

It's not just a rucksack of course, so you need to read the instructions and get used to using it. Setting it off by mistake would be easy, and amusing for everyone else. The "home test" is quite exciting - it makes quite a noise! The instructions are excellent and easy to follow, with a DVD to help. I'll write more when it's been better used. 

Here's a pic of the sack looking almost as big as Mont Blanc de Cheilon, and looking like it skinned up there on it's own which is what you'd expect for the money. 

ABS Rucksack - bigger than MBC

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