Sion Crag

~ Thursday 15th October 2009

 This is Roches Brunes, the crag above Follomi Sports in Sion. There's a lot of rock here but there are access issues with most of it. 

Still, it was too cold to climb in Evolene, but very nice in the sun in Sion. The climbing is a bit of a shock after a week of granite in Corsica - it's "classic" steep limestone, polished and harshly graded with most of the climbing being a bit upside down. An outdoor climbing wall. Quality, and you can climb here on warm days all winter. 

Here's an illegible topo - if you want one either ask in Follomi or e-mail me. Route names are painted on the rock.



         There were only 2 other people climbing - a Mr and Mrs Ueli Steck. They were impressed as team Frostguiding on-sighted 2 F7b+ and a 7c. Oops, that should be 6, not 7...



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