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~ Saturday 29th August 2009

 A 2 day trip staying at the Hohsaas "hut". This is a modern hut - really a ski restaurant with accommodation, so lacking any traditional appeal, but it does have hot water, showers, single beds and some very nice views. 

Day 1 we climbed the South ridge of the Lagginhorn. Easy access from the hut, good climbing on an exposed ridge and an easy descent make a great day out but somehow I forgot to take any pictures. 

Looking down Weissmeis north ridge to the Lagginhorn



                          Day 2 we went for a shorter option, climbing the Weissmeis normal route. Even easier access from the hut (or lift) leads straight into serious glacier travel under seracs! Great. This is classic "easy" alpine ground - dangerous hill walking - and not a place to dither.

After an hour or so the route climbs on to a ridge, great views and the top is in sight - an empty summit, reward for the early start.

The descent is fast, careful cramponning, and soon we were scampering back under the seracs. 

Weissmeis top, Mischabel peaks behind

Weissmeis south top