Blue skies in Arolla

~ Thursday 30th July 2009

Yes, perfect weather here this week - no wind, warm sunny days and clear cold nights, ideal alpine conditions.

After a night at the DIx hut we warmed up on the Luette (good effort to the 2 who reached the top just after us having started from Arolla!) and then traversed the Pigne d'Arolla the next day. The Pigne was in good condition - firm nevé meaning fast progress - but there are some BIG crevasses opening up now, demanding respect and a long rope. Still plenty of "one in all in" ropework going on though, plus a team of 3 having lunch on an obvious snowbridge beneath the Mur de la Serpentine serac...

View from the top was amazing, from the Écrins to the Oberland, Mont blanc to Mont Rose.

Near the top of La luette

Short rope, big holes...

top of Pigne d'Arolla

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