Arolla Climbing

~ Friday 17th July 2009

Great conditions here in Arolla for this week's Intro Alpine Climbing course. 

On the ridge above the Pas de Chevre



                               After a glacier day and a rock day at the Pas de Chevre, we climbed the Mont Blanc de Cheilon from the Dix hut. Conditions are great here - we climbed the snow right of the rocky ridge that is the usual start to the normal route, traversed the "winter" summit and descended the spectacular winter ski route. 

Mont Blanc de Cheilon

Descending the winter route


                               Next day we climbed la Luette in some very  changeable weather, then went back down to Arolla. 

Another good glacier session on the way to the Vignettes hut on Thursday, but unfortunately the weather "window" closed for Friday! Big thunderstorms forced a retreat to the valley. A slightly disappointing way to end the week, but it really isn't worth taking chances in thunderstorms...

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