Dynafit Guide Skis

~ Saturday 14th March 2009

 Dynafit Guide Skis

I have new skis! This has been a long wait, hence the excitement. Way back in November I ordered a pair of the new Dynafit "Guide" skis - then, along comes a bumper ski season and Dynafit ran out of skis! After a second production run and a 4 month wait I finally receive my skis - onyl to be told by the shop there's a waiting list in the workshop for binding mounting!

Although the ski is available only to Guides, it's based on the "Seven Summits" ski and shares the same dimensions (113/80/100 in the 178cm length) It's fairly straight with a dual radius 26/22m sidecut, so is pretty stable and grips well on hard snow. It's pretty light - around 1400g for the ski or 1900g with Dynafit comfort binding. 

So far I've only skied an afternoon on them, but off touring for the next few days so more news soon. 

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